Inspire As A Life Changer

Life Changer Benefits

  • Personal retail site for your customers
  • Personal enrollment site for your new Life Changer prospects
  • Access to the Life Changer Portal to view your business and team statistics
  • The Ability to earn part time, full time or extra income
  • Access to the exciting and powerful Total Life Changes 5 in 5 App.
    • Easily share and send samples, follow up with your “sample” customers, set reminders, share product videos, customer testimonies, and more
  • Helping others to ‘FEEL IT’ and inspiring them to make a Total Life Change

Our Core Value

  • Passion is our fuel.
  • We are always hungry for more.
  • Having fun, we get more work done.
  • We love each other. Period. Grateful is our mindset.
  • Our standard is giving more than what is expected.

Steps to become a life changer:

  1. Click the link to Join as a Representative
  2. Select your Country.  Nb. Some Countries like Jamaica will be required to use a package forwarding service.These services can provide you an address when you create an account. Once you have signed up with them, you can use that shipping address at Total Life Changes, LLC to ship your purchases to your new address. Depending on the level of service you may need, the forwarding company will ship these purchases to you in your home country at your designated address. 
  3. Select Enrollment Kit. ($49.95 USA and $20 International)
  4. Select your favorite products.
  5. Select Smart ship products. Smart Ship is TLC’s monthly auto delivery program. Much like a subscription-based service, Smart-ship is designed to bring customers and Life Changer’s the convenience of having their favorite TLC products delivered automatically each and every month. 
  6. Complete Forms and Checkout.
  7.  Send Us and email at with your IBO number to get plugged into training and launch your business.

Enrollment Packages

Frequently asked questions

Direct Sales can be somewhat intimidating, however, we are strong believers that when you are a product of the product potential customers will approach you. Purchase products to consume and then sales will only be an expression of ones experience. We are a team of dedicated leaders who will guide you o the path of success.

Caribbean Shipping destinations are currently not supported by TLC shipping methods.  You must choose a third-party shipping service or sometimes referred to as a Package Forwarding Service. These services provide the ability to create and use a USA based shipping address for shopping in the United States on our Total Life Changes website. For Jamaica we have gotten the best rates from Credence Global’s sea freight service.

To become a life changer with TLC, you will be required to select an enrollment kit. ($49.95 USA and $20 International) You will also need to add a product to cart. (Lowest product $49.95)

While you don’t have a pesky monthly membership fee. You will be required to purchase your favorite product/s monthly. This is something you would probably be doing any ways.

Commission is paid  through a plethora of options. You can enjoy bank transfers, PayPal, TLC Debit Cards and so much more.

We would love the opportunity to answer all your questions and concerns. Contact Us

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