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Delgada Coffee, our slimming premium Arabic instant coffee does more than just energize your daily routine. 

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Shop with confidence from a reputable Life Changer! Your products will arrive in  original packaging from TLC. Get your favorite products like Resoulutions Drops No 20, Nutraburst, Iaso Tea, Alleviate, Lemon Full Spectrum Hemp Tea and Raspberry Broad Spectrum Hemp Tea and all your other favorites!

How does Iaso Tea benefit you?

Iaso Tea is a unique blend intended to provide gentle colon cleansing and natural body detoxification. Results of 5 lbs or more in the first week of consuming the product has been reported. Immediate weight-loss results may vary by individuals, as all bodies are different. Iaso Tea Instant may help to bring your body into balance and absorb more nutrients. Iaso Tea Instant works synergistically with Total Life Changes’ full line of health and wellness supplements.

Total Life Changes Testimonials

Total Life Changes products work in synergy to rid the body of toxins and enable weight-loss. These everyday people took the products, made better food choices and moved more.This led to weight loss and improved energy.

Sarah Jones

Helped Mother of Two Lose 31 Lbs

Before consuming the TLC products at the age of 23, I was overweight and depressed. I am a mother of two and before I had no sense of self, I WAS LOST! But after consuming NRG, Instant Tea and the NutraBurst, my life has changed!” Not only have these products helped her lose 31 lbs, but they have also helped her be a happier mother! 

Barrington Millner

Men have great results too!

The detox tea and liquid vitamin has helped me not only to lose weight but to keep it down and maintain it without the cravings for junk food!

Jamika S

Over 70 LBS

Total Life Changes changed my life.  I lost 10lbs in the first week of trying the tea and it was on from there. I’ve lost over 70 lbs using the TLC products Iaso tea, NutraBurst and NRG.

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Take charge of your weight loss goals with our powerful product combinations. Take control of your goals, your life, and your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. TLC uses only the highest grade of vitamins and supplements, which provide our customers to be able to see results quickly and easily.